I wonder about family... We spend so much time dissenting our similarities to our siblings and parents. OK, we want to be different. But we just make ourselves more like everybody if we care so much about what is genetic and what was simply inherited, I believe we get to pick things we see in them and just add it onto our personalities. Even though some times it feels more like a false impression, great to believe in, but not necessarily true.. I see a lot of my mother in me. Some of my grandma, some of my dad, my sister not so much, I am sure we have a lot in common I just don't recognize it, it's fun to think we are completely different. My mother is the hardest to deal with. It comes from others more than me, thus my reaction. Like, "wow! you spoke just like your mom now.." or " that's something your mother would do/say..." like WTF?! Or when you hear men saying that to get to know if a girl could be the girl "look at her mom and you'll know!" Sounds simply scary to me.. After all, these are just things being said. Really? I am more than happy to be compared to such beautiful and grateful people. btw Mom.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY QUEEN! I LOVE YOU, SO VERY VERY MUCH.

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Karin said...

I always remember Naza saying that you picked me so I have a mirror and can deal with my issues I pretend I don't have. And here you came... my princess, to teach me so much.
Love you and cant think my life without you!